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Here at R2Designs we also have Bling!!

We can make your Logo or your Custom Apparel Sparkle & Shine!

With the use of our ProSpangle spangle transfer machine, also called a sequin transfer machine, it is the most advanced spangle transfer system on the market today and gives you the MAXIMUM BLING.

Sequins with No Holes

With R2Designs and our ProSpangle machine, you will be creating true SPANGLE transfers – with NO HOLES. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference having solid discs of holographic color without the donut hole in a sequin showing the shirt material through, unlike those produced with a standard sequin transfer machine. This means that we can make almost any customers design request a reality and give your own imagination the room it needs to impress. There is a real difference between spangles and sequins, and it shows in the end result!

The MOST BLING per Design

The key word here is “holographic”. Each spangle looks a lot like a high-end hotfix rhinestone – except it catches light from EVERY direction. In short, it’s really, really blingy!

Soft To The Touch

…and no added weight. You can add spangle bling to decorate performance wear for dance and cheer and not worry about what may hit the gym floor or decorate the most delicate fashion and not worry about adding weight to a neckline. Perfect for performance AND Fashion.

100% Safe For Kids

Spangles may sparkle and shine like rhinestones, but Spangles are NEVER lead-based so they meet CPSIA requirements every time. And since they’re flat, wafer-thin discs instead of chunks of glass they just don’t come off, can’t bruise or scratch. Baby Onesies are OK!

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NYC escorts are female friends who provide companionship, domination and even erotica. You will find the most exciting sexual experience. NYC Escorts can be found in the entire city and its surrounding regions. They provide both in-call as well as out-call services. Hudson Yards is one of the newer neighborhoods in the city and features 17 indoor restaurants and two on street level locations. Mercado Little Spain is one of the most popular spots for NYC and escorts. Here, Chef Jose Andres offers regional cuisines such as jamon Iberico and bellota (a cure-cured pork item which resembles prosciutto). There are numerous expensive boutiques located in the neighborhood. Once you’ve signed up with the app, you can start looking for matches. It is possible to create your own crew and choose matches using the app for escorting. Chat rooms are available in the app where users can talk to acquaintances and talk about possible matches. This can help you meet individuals you may not do so on social media.escorts nyc Two drivers were detained in connection with another fraud that involved the use of a Manhattan escort. The suspects are David Baron and John Picinic Jr. Both were escort driver for Pure Platinum Models. They delivered hookers to dates in Manhattan hotels, for a price that was more than $1,000 an hour. They racked up greater than 1.2 million in cash from credit cards. The founder of the company, David Baron, was listed as a “co-conspirator #1,” however, he has not yet be arrested.